About WAI

The Waterproofers Association of India (WAI) has been conceptualized as a non-profit organization dedicated towards the upliftment of the Waterproofing fraternity. The prime objective of WAI is to enhance the capabilities of the Waterproofers who are primarily involved in providing complete waterproofing solutions to the upcoming projects & rehabilitation of the old building structures. The main objective of WAI is to provide a unified voice & a dignified platform in the construction industry. Though the main members of WAI are the WATERPROOFERS, the membership is also open to other stake holders in the fraternity such as manufacturers (all levels), material & equipment sellers, importers, consultants, etc.

The Business Agreements (Contracts) for Waterproofing are based on various decisions – technical and business. At times we have to take tough decisions to ensure better service quality. The industry has specification which have been in existence for the last 3-4 decades or more. The waterproofers at most of the times follow the specifications given by the clients. The specification which may be right or wrong have to be followed blindly by the waterproofers to get the job. The manufacturers take their payments, and the clients hold the payment, it’s the solution provider who ends up with losses. The Association proposes to change that. It will strive to empower the members to be strong and credible enough to emphasise on working on their own specifications and ensuring quality of work. Membership in WAI will serve as a platform to connect you to a nationwide network of peers, professionals and experts who will support the members & will provide necessary updates & information at every step along the way.


Our mission at WAI is to have a credible, trustworthy, nationwide organization which helps in elevating our organization to a higher level of recognition & respect for one and all.