WAI is a non-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of those who have dedicated themselves in protecting the buildings from water seepages and rehabilitation the buildings damaged due to poor construction practices by providing them a unified voice in the construction industry. While the primary membership is open to the WATERPROOFERS, the membership is also open to other stake holder.

Waterproofing contracting requires all of us to take tough technical and business decisions. The qualiy of the project depends on the decisions we all make everyday. Membership in WAI will provide the tools to make informed, careful decisions. It will connect you to a nationwide network of peers, professionals and experts who will support you & in turn get your support every step along the way.

The mission is to make a credible national organization, made up of the country’s leading waterproofing, concrete repair, rehabilitation and allied contractors, manufactures, importers,consultants and others which shall elevate the industry to a level of recognition and respect for one and all and this in turn shall facilitate focused growth of our industry in the years ahead.