Terms and Conditions

1. By submitting this application along with the membership fee and annual subscription, neither the applicant becomes a member nor association is bounded to take him as a member. This application is just an intention of seeking membership of association subject to approval and acceptance of membership committee.

2. The membership subscription will be w.e.f 1st April every year.

3.Membership Terms: Primary-(Five)5 years, Associate-(Five)5 years, Corporate- Lifetime

4. Member subject to annual subscription, the payment should be made upto 15th March every year. In case of non-payment beyond 20th March, penalty@ 200/-per week shall be charged. In case the payment is not made within 30 days, membership shall be cancelled and a fresh application will have to be submitted.

5. All disputes arising out of/related to this application or membership will be referred to the disputes and arbitration panel of the association.


I hereby declare that the details furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and I undertake to inform you of any changes therein, immediately.